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…good ole, fpvs.  Thanks for putting this on tumblr!  So thoughtful, as usual  :)

When I tweeted this, I was curious how many people would pick up on and ask about the “Michael Stipe” tag. *sighs*  No one did  >.<  I was all excited to explain it the reference, the statue, but alas…  :-/  

Bear with me while I turn this into an AU moment (my first, btw), in honor of #ViciousVictoria week:

"Damn it!"  Her fist throbbed as she slammed the wheel.  She was livid.  Why would her parents forbid her - FORBID - her to go on even one date with the guy!  ’Come straight home,’ they ordered.  What right did they have to command her? She was a free woman…well, almost.  She was certainly old enough to go drink one damn espresso with him!  It wasn’t like they were getting married or anything!  It would be just one date—-

She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, her eyes were blurry with rage and she squeezed the wheel tightly.  Not good.  She didn’t recognise this road.  She wasn’t paying attention.  Too fast.  Too foggy.  Too dark. Too—

"Cold and Calculating," she said out loud to no one.  The tires screeched.  "No! That’s not it!  ’Controlling and Cunning.’  No!  C’mon!  It’s C —- grrrgh," she growled at her inability to recall the lesson her mother urgently drilled into her these past few days.  She power-shifted the old, boxy Mercedes up into 4th gear - her father hated that - she accelerated out of the curve, and blurted “Ca— CHRISTOPHER!” the name came unbidden.  But then, there he was.  

She pictured him standing in front of her, just as he had for the first time that morning: arms at his side, relaxed but ready, like a child’s image of a cowboy at high-noon.  His pale blue eyes piercing through her as he introduced himself, “Christopher Argent,” he had said and his hand was warm, calloused, and steady.  ”Chris,” she breathed, her shoulders relaxing.

And then she knew.  She knew where she was going.  ”Clinically and unemotionally,”  she smiled.  ”CLINICALLY AND UNEMOTIONALLY!” she said and laughed.  

She scooped up a well-worn cassette from the pile on the seat next to her and slid it into the deck.  Without looking, she knew it was Dead Letter Office.  Then a rush of sound poured from the speakers and Michael Stipe’s low tenor voice crooned over her…..

"I thought of you as my mountain top.
I thought of you as my peak.
I thought of you as just about everything
I had but couldn’t keep.
I had but couldn’t keep.

Clutch, brake, shift…she took the next right.  Victoria knew exactly where she was going and knew her parents weren’t going to like it.  Her smile grew and she sang…

"…Linger on, your Pale Blue Eyes.  Linger on, your Pale Blue Eyes."


Thank you, Teen Wolfies.  Happy #ViciousVictoria Week.

~Eaddy Mays

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