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When I was a Freshman at The University of Georgia, my step-dad, Bob Haymes, died of ALS.  It seemed the right thing to do to go back to UGA to accept the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.” 

This post is in memory of Bob, but it’s also in honor of my mom.  Ma, know this:  Bob’s music, especially “That’s All,” impacted countless lives. But you impacted his life by loving him and by rekindling the Music inside him. Thank you for showing me what devotion and loyalty look like. I love you, Ma.  w.a.g.b.t.

Thanks to everyone who challenged me and thanks to everyone who remembers to donate when they accept their challenge.  

I’ll leave you with bit of the lyrics from Bob’s song…he’d like that, i think :’-)   

"I can only give you Love that lasts forever.  

And the promise to be near each time you call.

And the only heart I own,

Is for you and you alone,

That’s All.  ….   That’s All.”

Sending Tyler Posey lots of love as he hosts tonite’s #TCAs2014 @melissaponzio1 @dylansprayberry @masondye & @eaddymays xoxo @i_love_harveysView more Eaddy Mays on WhoSay

Sending Tyler Posey lots of love as he hosts tonite’s #TCAs2014 @melissaponzio1 @dylansprayberry @masondye & @eaddymays xoxo @i_love_harveys

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Look what I found @DSprayberry and @MasonDye_ And NOW they say they HAVE TO stop for a #Whataburger ..omg…View more Eaddy Mays on WhoSay

Look what I found @DSprayberry and @MasonDye_ And NOW they say they HAVE TO stop for a #Whataburger ..omg…

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A fortuitous meeting of #Astronaut Takuya Onishi as he finished his day of underwater training on the submerged #InternationalSpaceStation #LifeLongMemory @thehoustoncon

A fortuitous meeting of #Astronaut Takuya Onishi as he finished his day of underwater training on the submerged #InternationalSpaceStation #LifeLongMemory @thehoustoncon

@NASA I’M HERE!!! Soooo ‘psyched! Wearing my planet necklace and ready for our Director’s Tour! Thank you, @TheHoustonCon !View more Eaddy Mays on WhoSay

@NASA I’M HERE!!! Soooo ‘psyched! Wearing my planet necklace and ready for our Director’s Tour! Thank you, @TheHoustonCon !

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DEATH is coming to the After After Show

Wow! Thx, @MTVTeenWolf , for posting this cool vid. Thank YOU, TEENWOLFIES, for telling me that this interview aired! AND for sending me the link! You always have my back :’-) I LOVE YOU!! Xoxo … Eaddy


Are YOU going to DragonCon?

Got an email from the DragonCon PTB that they ”will not be covering Teen Wolf” in 2014 (?!) so I’m not an official guest this year :(  But, thank gawd my sweet friend Sarah is getting married in Georgia that weekend so I have a reason to be in the State and go to DragonCon anyway!  ….hmm, maybe I can talk her into getting married at the Con ;) LOL
Anyone else going to DragonCon, let me know and we’ll exchange hugs <3


i can’t get over how much eaddy mays doesn’t look like eaddy mays in the blind side 

she’s like a pokemon 

evolving and a total babe in every form 

Omg… LOL… You guys are HILARIOUS! I’m reblogging this for the comments in the “notes” alone! :D (The the Pokémon comparison is pretty rad, too ;) xoxo

Letter to Fandom re: Addendum to my @TheHoustonCon Agreement

Dear Fandom:

Based on recent occurnces at other Cons, I added the following condition to my contract with TheHoustonCon.  While the promoter had minor other tweaks to the Agreement, he said nothing about this item and it was zero issue for him….it would have been a deal breaker for me.  I am very appreciative of his respect of my wishes and ease of communication.

"6)  EVENT will neither restrict nor censor items brought by SHOW attendees to TALENT at autograph table and will allow TALENT full decision making authority on what TALENT will agree to autograph or not autograph."

"TheHoustonCon, we have NO problem." (#Apollo13)  :)  No problems, only excitement!


….Eaddy Mays

Thanks for inviting me! Repost from: @thehoustoncon &#8220;&#8230;.She&#8217;s dynamic and #TeenWolf fans&#8217; favorite all over the world. Come and meet her in #Houston this summer, Aug 8-10 #TheHoustonCon

Get Tickets for The Houston Con:

#teenwolfcast #argent #texas #louisiana #Texas #mom #comiccon #news&#8221;

Thanks for inviting me! Repost from: @thehoustoncon “….She’s dynamic and #TeenWolf fans’ favorite all over the world. Come and meet her in #Houston this summer, Aug 8-10 #TheHoustonCon

Get Tickets for The Houston Con:

#teenwolfcast #argent #texas #louisiana #Texas #mom #comiccon #news”

WOW, xkxdx!  I don’t have the words (a rarity, btw ;) to adequately express my appreciation for this art and your willingness to spend time doing it.  This is a most treasured gift <3  Thank you.

You’re truly talented!  I wish I looked this beautiful (…and this bucksome…LOL) all the time!!  :D  

Luv you, dear girl.  What a gift.



Esteemed citizens of fandom, a gift: art of eaddymays.

Sparkly animation by x-serenade, because honoring a fan request is how we show love and appreciation. Thank you theargentwolf!

More Art by xKxDx

Eaddy Mays

dylanotummy said: I'm sorry to bother you, I can imagine you're ask box is pretty full right now, but reports from the convention run by Rogues Events in Paris are saying now they won't allow any fanart that depicts the characters in ways they aren't portrayed in canon. So by that theory if you were there and I were to stand in line to get an autograph of a drawing I did of Victoria wolfed out with Kate, they would refuse it because it doesn't depict canon events. So I was wondering what your thoughts were on it?

Nice question.

I can only reply hypothetically since I’m not there, wasn’t invited, and I don’t know what their rules were… but here it is: If the rules were changed AFTER I had agreed to attend, I would sign what you presented me anyway.

However, if they took issue with my “bucking the system” and let’s say, they threatened to kick us both out, I would instead give you a self-addressed stamped envelope and ask you to mail it to me so I could sign it.

My reasoning being thus: you paid for the privilege to have me sign something, and if the rules change AFTER that payment, then it is poor business practice - in my opinion - to refuse to sign an item with which I do not have a personal objection / trigger.

ps: such a piece of fan art would delight me and I would want a copy, fyi :D

Hope this helps.

Regardless, have Fun! And make the most of the event xoxo

…. Eaddy Mays


Eaddy Mays

paintedlandscape said: Thank you again for being such a respectful voice in fandom. I'm afraid your follow up left me more confused. Are you saying that Tyler Hoechlin IS personally uncomfortable with Sterek and we should respect that by not bringing it up at cons and signings? I'm sure you can't outright respond to this, but most fans have been under the impression he enjoyed that side of fandom and haven't meant any harm in their interactions. It'd be truly saddening, that's all.

Thanks.  I’m sorry, I probably made my reply too general.  What I’m saying is: new boundaries were drawn since that Con in Chicago.  But NOW folks are aware that there might be issues with any talent at any event and so to check Con policy updates.  And, yes, now also bear in mind that Hoechlin, according to that gal’s post, said he can’t sign Sterek stuff.  We don’t know the reason why or who is responsible for that shift, but it is what it is….for now anyway.  

For my part, I’ll sign just about anything …except mangoes…I’m allergic to mangoes ;)

Stay encouraged, tho,  :)  All this fuss will all pass.  Okay?

Thanks for seeking clarity.  That’s always smart.  I hope I gave it.  xoxo


Let’s ease some of today’s tension, shall we?  o.O

This is the followup post to the earlier question I had about what is permitted to be signed at autograph sessions at Cons.  BUT, I’m making this a video post cuz when I ran into Posey at a Con several months ago, I sassed him and he was a doll (as usual) and it’s kinda funny.  Once you’ve chuckled a bit at this Con-brightspot, then take a deep breath and know everything’s okay.  (Okay?  Okay.  #tfios )

Here’s the MTV Teen Wolf official stance:

thanks for the ask - this seems like an important one to clear up, because all tw fans are our number one priority. jeff davis, mtv, viacom, mgm, fox home entertainment, or any other person or company who owns or distributes teen wolf has never banned anything from a convention. the only conventions with an official authorized presence from mtv are sdcc and nycc, and we have not (and will not) ban anything from there. sterek is even nominated for ship of the year, and its shippers are nominated for fandom feat of the year at the mtvu fandom awards, which will be held from sdcc. 

How you doin’ so far?  Okay?  Okay.  (:

So, now here’s MY official position:

Today of all days (being America’s day to celebrate it’s Declaration of Freedom) I want to reaffirm that each of us humans - no matter where we live - have the Unalienable Right to the Pursuit of Happiness.  In the tumblr-verse, similarly, YKINMKBYKIOK.  And, we all agree that if there is something personal that might be a “trigger” - for whatever reason - we will respect another’s feelings and give them a Trigger Warning.  So….

I, Eaddy, do hereby inform any individual whom I may encounter in public or online, that I may have triggers to your words or actions and I ask you to quietly respect them and not take my sentiments personally.  I will afford You the same respect.  

And if you already know there is an issue with someone, then give that person some space about it.  There.  That takes care of any future encounters we may have.  Okay?  Okay.  (: 

That’s it.  That’s how I think creature to creature encounters should unfold.  No more, no less.  

I love You, Teen Wolfie.  I always want You to feel comfortable being You.  I always want us to feel at ease around each other.  

Now you’ve heard the official source… and you’ve heard from me :)  We may hear different positions from various other entities and if some company or event doesn’t have rules we like, we’ll make our decisions accordingly.  That is our Right.

But, I will say again, it is incumbent upon us each to NOTIFY others of our boundaries.  

Okay?  Yeah, I love you.



Eaddy Mays

maliayukimura said: i read that post about the guy who tore the writing to shreds in the first episode and all the mexican culture and how he said it was off and tbh i didnt even notice or pay attention to that cause the feel of the first 2 episodes to me is a feeling i haven't had in a long time and that feeling was buffy the vampire slayer it just shows how the show has evolved to me every season and how they have done such a good job on the casting and the cast really gels together which creates a good dyanmic

Hi, .

Yep, I agree that casting has done a great job (Jeff Davis making final decision, I’m sure.)  Jeff specifically told me several times and has also said publically that he wanted a more Buffy-esque feel for Teen Wolf and that was, in part, his intent with me/Victoria getting bitten in season 2 and thus prompting Allison into more of a warrior in season 3.  And I love the “action/adventure-ish” feel of season 4 as well!  

Still, I’m just surprised that as important as it has been to the writers in the past to accurately represent socially marginalized peoples to the best of their ability, that they would let slip the important writing details we read in that post I mentioned ( on AfterbuzzTV the other day ( ).  The contradictions seemed easily avoidable to me.  But, then again, I’m not a professional writer.  So, everything I said on AfterbuzzTV and anything I say in this, my reply to you (or anyone else, for that matter) is all just the opinion of a former cast member :)

Thanks for your note!  And thanks for being a fan of the show.

….Eaddy Mays