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Thanks for the input.  You are right.  I apologise.  I guess I naively let a tumblr-ism into my vernacular thinking it was what was done here (YKINMK being a tag I often read).  Live and learn.  Okay.  Not “kink” because it carries a negative connotation for some people (though, not for me, to be clear.  I have my own “kinks” and I don’t consider  likes/kinks negative.  But I get the idea, it’s a word that’s been used to fuel hate.  So, I amend.)  Let’s see…someone suggested “ship”…but not “ship” either, that’s too limiting…

The idea I mean/meant is this: “Your Pursuit of Happiness is not my Pursuit of Happiness, yet I respect your right to Pursue your Happiness however you choose.”  But that’s a bit long for a tag or mantra LOL.  Maybe this: “Your PoH is not my PoH and I respect that.”  


Yeah, that’s what I’m going to say until something better comes along….

Pursue Your Happiness.



I kind of wanna listen to that Eaddy Mayes podcast, but I kind of don’t like the bitch so I’m hesitant.

LOL… IRONY! The blogger said I’m uniformed then spelled my name wrong! Awesome! :D Hey, tumblr, did I miss something else?! If one claims to be a righteous advocate of young women, shouldn’t one NOT use misogynistic language like “Bitch”? Meh. I’m still learning. Learning, but not pretending to be fully informed (ie: my ‘Ask’ does not claim “I know everything” *cough cough* LOLOL!) I wish there was no “other bully” …there are enough of those in the world. Hate controls a mind, heart, and body …and that makes me sad. I appreciate the folks who help me learn rather than judge me (based on misinformation at that!) Wait!… LOL… Irony again! Awesome! Condemning me based on misinformation & prejudice because I did not condemn someone based on false information and prejudice! It’s a mirror maze :D Thanks for helping me learn, gang. That’s how change happens. Not by sitting idly by. You’ve improved my world and I appreciate you! (Ps: Hey, @otherbully1, We oughta start a reality show! :D It’d be AMAZING!! xoxo)


It’s not every day you find an actor who loves fanfiction as much as you do, but Eaddy Mays (Victoria Argent, Teen Wolf) certainly fits the bill.

Fandom is an internet phenomenon that has been quickly gaining speed and shows no signs of slowing down. A lot of actors are still trying to digest the power of social media and the destruction of the fourth wall, but a few have already accepted these changes. Orlando Jones (Sleepy Hollow) immediately comes to mind as one of those pioneers, and so does Eaddy Mays.

We talked to Mays about a variety of topics, including her character from Teen Wolf, but the focus of our discussion was on fanfiction, including why she thinks it’s so popular, her perception of the media’s portrayal, and if she believes it’ll be just as prevalent several years down the line.

Head to to read the full article!


Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast Episode #81 – Eaddy Mays talks Fanfiction

Karen, Courtney, and Donya are joined by Eaddy Mays (victoria Argent) to discussion fandom and fanfiction.

Featured Song: “Say Something” by A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera

-Eaddy Mays is here to talk about fandom and fanfiction!
-Who has read fanfiction? Who has written it?
-Where did our love of fanfiction start?
-”Your kink is not my kink and that’s okay.”
-Why does fic have such an appeal?
-Why do people like writing non-canon compliant fic?
-Have our views of fanfic changed?
-Has it made us think of fandom differently?
-Why does the media choose to ridicule fanfic?
-What are the negative stereotypes?
-Why is there such a stigma?

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Here’s a little intro video for the RPG, made by yours truly. ;) We’re so excited to have you all joining us, and we want to welcome anyone else who would like to join! Hope to see you in the Glade! 

- Molly 

WCKD is Good…which is how I know this is the perfect RP for me. My gratitude to you for accepting my naïvely made application.
I shall see you all in the Glade on the morrow! …

*skips along* Tra La La *nonchalantly reblogs*


Thanks to a certain tumblr account we have been getting a lot of positive attention. We truly are grateful and hecka fortunate to be experiencing this right now.  So if you recently found this roleplay, yes we are a Teen Wolf/Maze Runner crossover. Yes we have tons of open characters. Yes we would be happy to have you join! -Gemma (Admin 2) (admin 1 is happy as well!)


Yep, just some obscure, random post that has nothing to do with me *sqeeee* but….ya know. So. Uh huh. Alrighty then. I’m cool. It’s cool. Yeah. *eeeep* …Eaddy


I see myself again, behind the light I flicker.

Name: Victoria Argent

Species: Werewolf

Pack: Unknown

Employment: Unemployed

Face Claim: Eaddy Mays

Like a flame on fire, I feel alive again!

Victoria returns as a werewolf to her family of hunters. If that doesn’t spell trouble, what does? 

Because of you, its never the same.

Chris ☞ Husband

Allison ☞ Daughter

Gerard ☞ Father-In-Law

Kate  ☞ Sister-In-Law

VICTORIA is currently an OPEN CHARACTER. Come bring her to life!

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Um, I …ah…well, I’m kinda thinking about doing this. So, yeah. Is this a HUGE taboo?! I couldn’t find a precedent online… thoughts?

teenwolfwiki asked me: Is it ever okay to share your fic with the talent/crew?

Thanks, TeenWolfWiki, for asking this.  Odd that I didn’t think to address this before now.  I guess I am just bothered that the quesion even exists. Breaks my heart.

"So, is it ever okay to share your fic with the talent/crew?

The Question gets answered in pieces:

  1. Is it ever okay…..  Yes.  I answer unequivocally, because it is Yes, for me.  I’d love to hear or read fic.  Writers must bear in mind, though, that “Is it ever okay” is NOT the same as “Is it always okay….”  which leads me to the next part;

  2. Every day I still work on the notion that just because I think it, does not mean I have to vocalize it at the moment it spawns in my brain.  Obviously, you know me as one who speaks her mind.  Yet, when to speak and when to hold one’s tongue is an indication of sensitivity, consideration and respect for other humans with whom we must co-exist.  Let me be specific with an innocuous example:  If you want to share with me what you thought of the way some movie ended, I might ask you to wait until we’re not standing in front of other people who haven’t yet seen it.  Doesn’t make me ashamed or timid; makes me conscientious.  Savvy?

  3. The next part of the question is pivotal:  “Your fic”…by which I know you, TWWiki, mean the author sharing their own writing.  Yes and only if it’s indeed YOUR fic.  It s a violation of the author’s rights to reproduce (by reading out loud, for example)  a piece of their work in a publically accessible venue.  …which frankly, in this day age is any place is public (“Hi, Social Media!  I know you hear me!  ;)

  4. Perhaps most important to me, though, is HOW said fic is shared.  Blindsiding a talent/crew member with fic is rude, selfish, thoughtless, and disrespectfuL IF the writing is known to make the person to whom they want to read is uncomfortable.  This is particularly infuriating to me right now (I just posted a comment on a recent contentious YouTube Vid and am awaiting one last bit of information to take big next steps to cut down the violator *clenches teeth.*  I’ll post about THAT soon, don’t worry >.<

  5. Also, trigger alerts apply when sharing fic with anyone, right?  Then the same courtesy must apply to sharing with Talent/Crew.  People don’t know my triggers.  If someone stands up during a Q&A, for example, and starts reading me something that spins me sideways, I’m going to have a big problem and likely have a temper tantrum :D  Just sayin’.  

  6. There’s probably more, but nothing  more that I can think of this very moment.  

  7. Does that mostly answer your question?  If something’s unclear, just let me know! Plus, I’m super sleepy right now and so may not be very articulate. If so, I’ll clear it up soon.

Thanks again, teenwolfwiki, for asking the smart, relevant questions. You keep me on my toes :)

with Love and Respect,



FAN: A lot of crap has happened through the seasons, and I’m wondering how you think it’s going to be good that no one is coping.

POSEY: No one’s coping? That’s what’s going on?

EADDY: Can you explain that a little bit more? What do you mean by that?

FAN: Say, if someone dies, you need to cope. To get better. To mourn! No one’s mourning in the show!

POSEY: It’s definitely still there, it’s in everyone’s lives, it always is. But there’s, literally, we can’t— we have to prevent other things from always happening. So it kind of builds and builds and sits there in the back of their head, but it’s always there.

EADDY: I’ve had a lot of people ask that on tumblr, too, or I’ve read a lot of that on tumblr, and let me say— this is war.

@Eyecon Teen Wolf (6.15.14)

First things first:  Thank you, softlycanthropy, for posting this and other gifs from that Con!  I appreciate your time and your work …and I gotta say again, I loved that hat  :)   xoxo….Eaddy

Now then.  I have a note to add to the notes, which may or may not be of note ;)  Reading some of the debate about my response that day really intrigues me! ….this is a great example of one of the many reasons why I love this Fandom (and why I love tumblr for providing me a place to engage!)

There are two ways to answer a question about why something happens in a TV series: 

1)  Give an answer from within the Alternate Universe (Beacon Hills) OR

2)  Give answers from without the Alternate Universe (IRL & Show Business.)

It doesn’t work to do both, in my opinion, to do both in the same answer.  And which answer I give depends on to whom I am speaking.

When I am asked a why or what if question by a Fan, who is referring to people who exist only within that AU, I believe they are seeking an answer from within that AU and I respond accordingly.  I don’t compare it to other AUs (Buffy, Supernatural, TVD, etc.) nor do I compare it to IRL.  I hope my answer will help sustain the phenomenon often called “the willing suspension of disbelief,” or as I also say, “Continue to spin that world.”  I don’t do that because someone coached me to do that.  I answer that way because that’s how I would want my question answered if I were the one in the audience.

I do the same thing when I am talking to a friend about an AU simply as a fan.  I could talk for hours about The Dresden Files; Star Wars; or the Outlander books.  I can immerse myself in an AU and I welcome the chance to share, cry, argue ships or recount the OMG moments, etc  

But, I ‘lived’ within the Beacon Hills AU for years.  Now, that does not mean my answer is Canon …LOL… or that it is even logical…but, by golly, I can justify it from within the AU  Thus, when I read: “you can’t tell me ‘it’s war’ and then show me them playing lacrosse, going on dates, doing homework, etc.”  

I say (from within the AU):  ”Like hell I can’t!  I promise you that in the darkest times of our lives, we grasp in desperation for threads of normality and what some might call trivial.  But, sometimes we do that just to survive;  we do it so that we can remember life Before and to have hope that the pain might possibly end.  And other times we do it so that we can - if only for a heartbeat - escape the new horror that now confronts us.  If my child dies, I don’t need another casserole and tearful conversation….I just need you take me with you while you run errands and complain to me about traffic, the cost of our frappuccinos and how frizzy your hair is today….I need a break from me.  It is the only way I am going to be able to take my next breath.  We all mourn and cope in our own ways.  I’ll deal with it when I can.  For now, just let me be.”


I could say (from outside the AU):  ”Well, researching the demographic indicates that ratings increase with shirtless locker room scenes so they incorporated more lacrosse games instead of the counseling session scenes.  I mean, we gotta pay the bills!  Especially since so-and-so actor broke his nose and couldn’t be on set for 6 weeks but by the time he could come back, he had a scheduling conflict with another show he had already booked and Union rules wouldn’t allow the dates to be changed, so we had to re-shoot episode abc and cut scene xyz and we were already behind with the shooting schedule because the unexpected rain caused flooding at the location where we were supposed to shoot the week before.”

Which kind of answer is most appropriate to the person asking at a Con?  Which answer would I want as a Fan?  That’s how I choose which answer to give.  And ideally, my answers to fans will also spark a thought process that might be of use to them. 

But occasionally, as with this post, I feel compelled to remind people of the business of show business - because I hope it will broaden someone’s vision:  I hope this tiny drop of a note in the giant sea of tumblr helps someone overcome gaps they notice in their favorite AU and that they will cease blaming the creatives behind a series.  Consider that sometimes - maybe sometimes - IRL mishaps and the business of show business send an Alternate Universe spinning off plumb.  

Ah!…which brings me very zen-like back to the end of the gif set above:  It’s scary when our world changes…we have to adapt.  

with love and respect,



Not even a week into hiatus and we’re planning an episode for you guys! In fact, this is my (Courtney) first episode to really take charge of and I’m incredible excited about it! Hopefully I’m able to help put together a good episode for you all!

This episode is going to all about Fan Fiction. Now, if you’ve been to any events lately with the lovely Eaddy Mays as a guest, you’ve probably heard her speak on the topic. So when the idea of this episode came to mind, she was the first person we wanted to reach out to!

Some of the things we hope to discuss include, but are not limited to: fan fiction in the media, fan fiction in relation to the “talent”, and the overall importance of fan fiction. 

Now onto the fun part! There are two ways you guys can be involved with this episode!

  1. Submit a question to us/Eaddy to discuss during the episode! Depending on how long things run, we hope to grab a few questions from you guys to answer and discuss!
  2. Take 15-20 seconds and record an audio clip of you telling us why you read/write fan fiction. Then email that clip to us at natwpodcast at gmail dot com. You may hear yourself in this episode!

You have the next week to get your questions and audio clips in! After September 20th, we will no longer be able to accept them (plus, we are allowing ourselves ample time to edit this episode).

If you have any questions for us about any of the above, please feel free to submit an ask and we will do our best to address them!

Ohhhh, yessssss!

This is gonna be …a most …. notable event. You might want to be sure your headphones are plugged in….just saying.

And you thought I was protective and scary on tv! Wait til we start talking about the unjust treatment of fandom.
Yeah, s’bout to get REAL.

This is Not Another NotAnotherTeenWolfPodcast.

Count on it.

#FanArt is wondrous! Thx, Naomi for creating this! Wanna see more “Teen Wolf” Art? Thx, @AmandahMaki for commissioning these! (ps: don’t forget to give credit to artist when you post ;) xoxo arinjaeger.tumblr

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