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Hell of a night this.

…and I don’t know which is worse, seeing the death on the show
or seeing the TeenWolfie devastation on-line.

I love you guys. Stay strong.

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PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!  Ugh!  I feel like such jackass.  I didn’t know! Apparently, tumblr automatically was preventing me from seeing some blogs that tagged me (the nerve!!)  it seems tumblr policy is: “Unless you actively choose to display explicit content, when you search for anything on Tumblr you will not see content from blogs that are marked as NSFW.”  

Are you kidding me?  Are there blogs on tumblr that do NOT have explicit content …lol…well, besides mine ;)

When I changed my settings last week (cuz, yeah, in my line of work there is no NSFW …lol) and I found a bunch of great stuff tagged with my name!  And none of it NSFW, btw, tumblr! >.<

So, I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner to many of you to tell you how much I appreciate you.  And I truly do.

Below is just one example of a selfless show of support for me when I desperately needed it (my insides exploded; it’s a story for another time.)

Thank you, eyebrowymanpain for your post.  What a wonderfully awesome thing to do.  I DID get an outpouring of love and I promise you, it was a beacon during that time!   <3

As I’m going through all the newly found posts over the next few days, I ask you to be patient with the flurry of reblogs and comments you’ll be seeing from me.  ok?  ok.  :)

I love ya, gang.  You make my life uber interesting and bring me happiness :D  …..What could be better?!




Dear followers:

I know there aren’t a lot of you, but it would be so so great if you could all join…

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So I was just on twitter when I noticed something…

I have it on good authority that, YES, indeed she does.  Creepy-ness reaffirmed ;)




Does Eaddy Mays listen to Welcome to Night Vale?




One night, after a yummy sushi dinner with Melissa Ponzio we heard a gentleman singing on the corner of Hollywood and Vine in LA. His amp was set up, his mic was on, and said he would write a song ABOUT US right there on the spot! We told him nothing about ourselves except our first names.

In the video, you’ll hear that he decides to rhyme “Eaddy” and “TV” in his impromptu lyrics. BUT, he sings: “Melissa and Eaddy….you WONT get this…on T.V.”

O.O Wha’ ??!
I interrupt his Serenade, saying: “Um, excuse me. You actually DO get this on T.V. …it’s called “Teen Wolf.”

He didn’t miss a beat…in the next verse he howled like the werebeast itself. Melissa and I howled with laughter ;)

I think we made a new TeenWolfie that night :D

This is the best, most hilarious video of Melissa and Eaddy being rapped to :)

Awww…you’re wonderful.  Thanks for posting this for me!  xoxo


My favorite ppl are the naughty ones & my naughty, awesome Tasha made this for me :’-) Thx, sugar. @tashayarowenko I <3 u



janitor art masterpost as requested by anon!

edit: updated with the two latest drawings!!


^ huh? why is it not OKAY for you that this person IS a janitor? hmmm?
…No! Judge NOT. Keep an open mind, you must.

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Today, I needed the #Zen of riding  Thx, @saabgirlusa for sharing peace ¥ and making memories #Horses &lt;3 (at Will Rogers State Historic Park, Los Angeles, CA)

Today, I needed the #Zen of riding Thx, @saabgirlusa for sharing peace ¥ and making memories #Horses <3 (at Will Rogers State Historic Park, Los Angeles, CA)


L'Oméga - a French "Teen Wolf" Magazine: October Issue

So, the brilliant creativity of the Teen Wolf fandom continues to impress me!  Checkout this link to a French e-magazine.  Sharp and well done.  I’m honored to be the first cast interview; thank you!  This publication is terrific; I wish you much success, L’Oméga.  

Oh, and just so you know, I couldn’t help but answer one of their questions by writing another fanfic, from the Victoria Argent pov.  I didn’t plan to, it just kinda ooozed outta me….*urp* not a good analogy this soon after having my appendix cut out :p  Thanks for all the well wishes, btw, I AM indeed doing better and your <3 helped a lot!

Enjoy the e-mag.  It’s a credit to the fandom.



#BehindTheScenes : Movie & TV show making is #Magical . Im fascinated by the entire process and myriad details that must be attended.

The night we shot “Teen Wolf” episode 312, Tim Duncan, that episode’s director, was kind enough to let me do my own ‘stunt driving.’  Being on the LA Freeways regularly, I didn’t think of it as ‘stunt driving’ …lol…everyday on the 101 is stunt driving, which you well know, if you’ve ever been here :-)

But, driving an SUV in a tight 360°, on water drenched asphalt, mere inches from the VERY expensive camera - oh! and several human beings, too - lol…was incredibly precarious, after all.


They even gave me a walkie! *sqeeee*  “10-4.  I’ll turn the wipers on high and stop at the tennis ball.  Yes, sir.  Copy that.”  So much fun.  …sighhh….it’s the little things :)

And I’ve done rain scenes before, but not like that.  THAT was a DOWN POUR.   

Explanation of the pictures in this post:

1) Production Signs.  Along the route to a set, the Locations department of any production puts out signs like these to point you in the right direction.  Each show or movie has it’s own abbreviation; Teen Wolf’s is TW, obviously.  For some inexplicable reason, seeing these signs always makes me :D So I thought I’d share it with you.

2)  My 1.  When you’re on set, your “one” is your first mark in the scene; it’s where you start.  This is the view of the narrow tree-lined lane I drove us down.  The rain and man-made fog started inside the arbor, but they needed me back this far so that a) I had enough distance too be able to get to 45mph as I entered the shot, and so that b) the vehicle entered the scene after they began rolling camera and wasn’t seen before-hand.

3)  Tennis ball on a C-stand.  This is taken from the driver’s seat of the vehicle I was driving that night which you saw in the pilot episode.  They used the tennis ball as a mark to indicate for me exactly where I was supposed to stop.  45-0 mph in an instant and exactly there otherwise I’d hit the camera…and the dude running it. And not foot farther or else we had to reshoot it…again. at night. in the cold and wet.  The crew doesn’t like standing in the cold and wet while you screw up, fyi o.O #pressureison

And lay, but not least, my favorite picture….

4)  An over-the-shoulder shot from “video village.” Video village is the collection of monitors that show the director, script continuity person, producers, etc. what the shot actually looks like on camera. 

In the monitors, you can see me/Vicious yelling for Allison as she ran into the woods looking for ‘the boy’ (Scott) whom I almost hit with the car moments before.  You can also see a man on a ladder with a hose making the “rain”on the windshield (and on me).  There was also a 25 foot high stand spraying water vertically to create rain, but it wasn’t enough of a down pour, hence the dude on the ladder.

You can also see the huge light hung above the vehicle.  IRL, standing in the rain on a wooded street would not produce enough light for you/the audience to see me.  This light was super bright IRL, but, when you watch TV, you don’t even notice good lighting, which is how is supposed to be.  But the technical aspects of that illusion are hugely complicated! 

That’s a large part of what takes so long on a set.  The Director of Photography (DP) or a Gaffer, key/head of the Lighting department is well learned and is a crucial factor in making the Magic happen.

5)  The final product.  Here’s a screenshot I captured from one of Price Peterson’s hilarious photo recaps that he does for  ps….wouldn’t YOU be “mad” if your daughter ran off into the dark, creepy woods at night, in the pouring rain, while you were late driving to bring your husband his bag of rifles, and to look for a boy??  i think so.  lol

Hopefully, you enjoy seeing glimpses of these behind-the-scenes happenings as much as I do.  When I’m on a set, I take these pictures with you in mind.  No kidding.  I love sharing this with you.  Every time you Like or Reblog a bts pictures post I make, I squeeeee a little and think “Yay! That makes all the effort of getting the pictures well worth it.  Naturally, I can’t share these photos at the time I take them and the waiting many months to show you is painful! …lol.

Thanks for your continued love and support.  Helping bring you emotionally meaningful and FUN shows and films is a big part of why I am an actor. 

With respect,


Yeah.  That’s me.  In a wig. Doing the funky chicken dance while cooking.  lol Why? because i wrote a tumblr post that seemed sooo darn serious, I thought I would lighten the mood a bit by sharing this video from my YouTube channel first :D

During Vicious Victoria week, lots of folks asked how I “first got into acting.”  

Well…once upon a time, in a land far, fa—  

lol…That’s just my way of saying that, in hindsight, my recollection of my acting career/journey does seem a bit like a fairytale, but if you will indulge me, I’ll tell you how it unfolded and what I believe to be the crucial element of being a professional actor today.  (I don’t say “actress” usually, btw.  I think it’s a non-gender specific profession.  We don’t say “Doctor-ess” or “Lawyer-ess,” but I digress.)

From the time I was old enough to understand that television and film were making an emotional impact on me, I KNEW I wanted to be part of the process of creating film and television projects.  I didn’t know how or in what capacity, but I knew i HAD TO do something.  I was about 11 years old.  

Around that time, I saw a poster at my school (this was on Long Island in New York) of a casting notice for a town production of Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen.”  I asked my mom if I could audition, and she let me.  I booked the lead, little Gerda.  I remember it vividly and it was one of the great moments of light and joy in my life.  I was hooked.

After that, I did a lot of reading of the different styles/methods of acting (Meisner, Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, Strasberg, etc); I took classes, workshops, and seminars; I performed in community theatre; and I worked on-air in radio and television.  

Looking back, I can see that I was all over the place, exerting a lot of energy and not gaining enough substance to contribute in the way I wanted - felt compelled - to contribute. 

Here’s what I now believe:  Acting is the act of bringing to LIFE the person imagined by a writer.

However!  This has not always been the case.  Acting has morphed over thousands of years.  We no longer have a Greek chorus; all the roles are not cast with men in both genders; we don’t have to emote dramatically with our eyes and bodies (as in the days of silent films); we don’t have to actually be homeless for three months to be homeless in a movie (method acting); and it isn’t enough to just convincingly speak the lines accurately while the camera is rolling.  These things used to be acceptable.  It’s not where the business is today.  At least, that’s what I believe.

Today, for many, many reasons (on which we could write a dissertation) the audience needs something more from the actor so that it may become involved and emotionally invested in the world on the screen.  That something more, I believe, is the actor’s willingness to delve into imagination and become the person on the page - living, existing, feeling, smelling, seeing, thinking, remembering, wanting, needing, hearing, and LISTENING, truly being present - actually THERE in the writer’s AU in real-time, moment to moment, unplanned just as we humans are IRL (well, most of us anyway…lol.)

When this happens, each viewer is drawn into the Alternate World in a way in which they could never do IRL.  The viewer/audience (or “witness,” as I like to say) sees BOTH sides of an argument, for example, and while we often relate to one person more than the other, the ability to feel  the emotion and see the point of view of the other is one of the gifts of Film and Television.  When this stretching of mind and emotion happens, the witness is affected, our understanding and awareness expand, we grow — and Humanity is better for it.

It’s heavy, I know.  But that’s how powerful I believe it can be.  And that’s an actor’s job.  There’s a vulnerability involved that can be daunting, that’s for sure!  And it’s much easier to do when the writing is terrific; when the other actors want and know how to live in the AU with you; and when the crew and production staff are positive, knowledgeable, and cooperative.  Such is the case with “Teen Wolf.”  It was like that on “The Blind Side” set, too.  (Remind me later and I’ll tell you about working briefly with Sandra Bullock, who is every bit as awesome as she seems, btw.)

The point is - and again, this is my belief, others may feel differently - that while it is lovely and enjoyable to know what a Greek chorus is and other antiquated acting and production styles from which we have evolved over the years, if one’s goal is to be a professional actor in this day and age, then learning how to become the character is absolutely required and I believe it is the best first step in making a career in acting.  All the other stuff (professionalism, knowledge of the industry, making connections, business tools, representation, etc.) must come after this vital first step.

Btw, I’m not saying there’s only one way to learn how to do this and I hope there may be many instructors who can guide someone in the process.  But, I don’t know who they are.  I found a gal, Crystal Carson in LA, who has shown me and continues to show me, how to live in the writer’s AU as the person from the page.  Because of this, I don’t look around anymore, therefore, I don’t know who else is out there.

Wow.  This is probably waaaaay more information than you wanted, but since I get lots and lots of emails, tweets, tumblr Asks, etc. about all this, so I thought I’d cover it all right here.  I’ll just send folks to my tumblr next time they ask about how to be an ‘actress’ ;p  …lol.

Thank you again, to each of you who has ever asked me about acting.  You’re the reason I wrote and posted this today.  Hope it satiates your desire for more information.  I wish you and all my fellow “conveyors of the human experience” much joy and prosperity in your endeavor.

Hope to work with you on a set one day soon :)

With peace and respect,

Eaddy Mays

Eaddy Mays

werebohen asked: Hi this is Simone from the Vicious Victoria team and first of all I wanted to thank you for participating this much in this week, we still are in a lovely state of shock. My question is: what personality trait of victoria do you like the most? is it something of you you put into her or something you'd like to be? And also what do you htink her relationship with kate was? thank you in advance for taking time to read these questions, we love you!

Hi, Simone! Thanks again for doing Vicious Victoria week! That was a blast! Shoot me a note with the blog names for the other characters you guys are doing; I’d like to follow along.

As for your questions: personality traits - Victoria is truly and deeply a loving, affectionate woman. But when there is a crisis, she is “clinical and unemotional” (to quote Angela Harvey, writer on Teen Wolf season 3 :D ) and she is this way so that she can do what must be done.  That’s my favorite “duality” or dichotomy, if you will.  I think I see that in her because not because that’s what I’d like to be, but how I tend to be. Like when my son was three years old, he was bouncing on the bed and split his head open on the footboard.  I could see a big flap of skin peeled back and he looked at me with big eyes, waiting for my reaction.

I said, “Oh!” took a deep breath and added, “It’s fine. Daddy will take you to the doctor and they’ll glue your brains back in.”  And I laughed. Then he laughed. I was nursing my then youngest child and so couldn’t take my son to the emergency room myself, which bothered me immensely.  So, I buckled my boy into the car, kissed him and said as they were pulling away, “Don’t spill any brains in the car! You’ll need them later!”  He giggled and off they went. As soon as they were out of sight, I burst into tears; a great big gulping cry.  It was our first ER visit (and our only, now that I think about it! Yay!) 

Point is, there are times when you just gotta keep your act together in the moment; you can bellow like a baby when all is said and done, but in that moment, things will get much worse if you succome to the emotion you feel very strongly inside.  Victoria is that way; we just haven’t seen that side of her on the show.

As for Kate…very interesting question….for a lot of reasons.  As Eaddy, the actress, my role in season one was small and I LOVED the stuff Jill was getting to do!  I, Eaddy, enjoy shooting for recreation and can’t wait to do more of that stuff on screen.  And also as the actress, I read every script from season one and saw the great work JR and Jill were doing.  However, to me/Eaddy, it was puzzling how close Allison and Kate were - so much so, in fact, that once the showed aired, some people made the natural mistake of thinking Kate was Allison’s mother!  Thus, I/Eaddy had to decide how I/Victoria felt about that relationship.  Those sort of decisions (aka “history work,” in acting terms) are the kind of things that make a character come to life off the written page rather than remaining a 2-Dimensional character “played” by an actor who is basically just saying lines.  

So, I decided that as an older sister myself, I appreciated the love and care Kate showed Allison and I valued their relationship.  I also decided, however, that in recent years, Kate had become a wild-card, a bit of a rogue.  I put tremendous significance in The Code and she was dismissive of it.  I even had a suspicion that she had ‘intimate relations’ with a werecreature, though I had no proof and so never mentioned it to Chris.  Plus, had he known, he would have shunned Kate and I didn’t want to rob Allison her relationship with her beloved Aunt.  ”Ke-ke,” was her first word (much to my chagrin).  Too, Kate had no children of her own, said she never would; enjoyed it better when she could hand the thing back when it cried, she used to say with a laugh.  All of this meant that I was wary of Kate, but I loved her.  

However.  And this is a BIG however, Kate and I fundamentally disagreed on a huge issue: I insisted on not telling Allison about the Hunters and werebeasts; she wasn’t ready.  I didn’t want to expose her to that world any sooner than necessary because it put her in danger.  Kate thought that by association, Allison was already in danger and that was exactly why we should tell her.  Again, she seemed to respect my wishes, but I suspected she was revealing more to Allison than she let on.  This issue kept us from being as close as I would have liked and it annoyed me that Chris didn’t take a hard stand on the issue with Kate, leaving me to be “the bad guy.”  But…so be it.

*        *            *           *          *            *            *

geez….Sorry, Simone.  It seems I can’t answer a simple question without slipping into fanfic mode….lol.  But, again, fanfic and AU are sooo much like the thought creation I was taught to do by my acting coach that I kinda can’t help it.  It’s just the easiest way to answer.  (Btw, Crystal Carson in LA is my coach.  If you’re interested, look her up.  It’s an AMAZING approach to acting.)

Wow, such a lengthy reply and I’m sorry it took me so long to make it!  I appreciate your patience, Simone, and your interest.  I don’t mean it lightly when I say Teen Wolf fans - TeenWolfies - are wonderful.  The imagination and passion in this fandom are inspiring.  I love it.

Ugh.  I’m behind on answering others, so I’m going to jump off now and get to a few more before I have to get the peeps to school.

More later.


~Eaddy Mays


Eaddy Mays

tricksterity asked: I'd just like to pop by and say that Vic Argent was a badass lady and I hope we get to see more of her, Allison hallucination or not. Stay awesome :)

aw, thanks, tricksterity !  you may pop by anytime and say such wonderful things! :D  Enjoy your day.

ps: I think Victoria Argent likes “Vic”, but only allows particular people to call her that.  You can use the nickname ;)

{this is the gif set I was referring to a few days ago. I LOVE IT! I just wish it hadn’t been published BEFORE the episode aired, but I’ve spoken my piece about that. Moving on…}

Shooting this scene was a ton of fun for me for lots of reasons.  First of all, it was just me and Crystal so we had time to sit and chat without anyone else around.  I enjoy her company a bunch :)

Secondly, I can be such a pain in the arse. Lol  And so when I saw that it was supposed to be me/Victoria Argent driving the SUV from the pilot, I asked to be allowed to pleeeeeease drive the vehicle myself…pretty pleeeease!  The stunt drivers looked at me, it seemed, like I was crazy like I might kill someone - clearly they watch the show ;) or, worse yet, that I might hit the camera! lol

But, in the end, they agreed!  And I was STOKED!  Crystal was a good sport about it because frankly, it was her life on the line, too  lol.

I have some pictures from behind the scenes that night which I will blog in a different post.  Maybe you like the behind the scenes stuff as much as I do, so I’ll tell you a little about how it worked that night, if ya want.

Okay. More pictures in just a bit.  Hang tight. :)




More drawing with markers. I need actual marker paper…

&#8230;.gawd I love this one.  i look Goooood!  :)  Thanks, internetsavvy, for taking the time to make and share your creative gift :) 
~Eaddy Mays


More drawing with markers. I need actual marker paper…

….gawd I love this one.  i look Goooood!  :)  Thanks, internetsavvy, for taking the time to make and share your creative gift :) 

~Eaddy Mays


Amendment to: “reblogging without giving credit for the source makes you an asshole”….UNLESS….


(via nickythinkstoomuch)

….um, unless you’re reblogging a post from some jackass who posted gifs from a tv episode that was unfortunately ‘leaked’ and you don’t want to reward the foolish blogger for posting a major spoiler.  You see, I’m of the opinion that he/she doesn’t deserve credit for leaking my scene - ANY scene.  She/he robbed ME and the rest of the show’s cast and crew and I will not draw attention to/promote their blog by reblogging from them.  The images from that scene do NOT belong to them, yet because they were there, on the internet, that person felt they were entitled to post gif sets before the episode aired.  Not okay.  THAT person is the a’hole.


If you don’t like my opinion, unfollow me.  

Meanwhile, stand-by while I google “how to reblog a gif set WITHOUT giving credit to the Spoiling Blog.”

And I have a few behind-the-scenes pix for you guys who also opposed the “Teen Wolf” 3A Finale leak and didn’t unfollow me after reading this post.


….Eaddy Mays

ps: wanna argue about the issue?  call my Union. call my attorney.  nuff said.



One of the response to this post had this to say:  

then who owns the image tv show or movie? When Teen Wolf or any movie or tv show is cancelled the images the finger nails are put in the trash and thats it.  How is it stolen when someone got there hands on it for the rest to see?  There making no money on it and even when the tv show or movie is out.  I do agree if someone has seen it dont tell people until its out but then again its the net.  Where everything is exposed.  Its like you giving me a painting I paid for and then put on the net who owns the painting?  As for the person who posted it before it was out I do agree he/she needs to maybe wait before its out thats all 

Thanks, Celebsinthebuff, for giving me the opportunity to clarify.

Answer to your first question: the company that produced it.  Not the viewer.  Google “residuals” because it’s complicated and I don’t want to bog down the blog with those deets.

Answer to your second question: It is stealing because it affects the viewership, which affects ratings, which DIRECTLY affects dollars earned which in turn affects the investors’ decision to continue to produce a show or film.  The person posting images pre-airing may not be receiving money for it, but by sharing the images or information, they diminish what could have been earned legitimately from the thing airing.  

The painting analogy doesn’t quite hold.  It’s more like you TAKE a painting I made and was planning on selling for $x.xx.  Then, you put it on the internet.  I can paint another exactly like it and sell it a few days later, but it is no longer as valuable because you shared the image already.  

Just because the internet is free, doesn’t mean internet users are free to take material owned by another and publish it before it is publically released.  Just because something is available to take, doesn’t make it appropriate so to do.  

Response to your last point: there is no “maybe” about it. That person definitely needs to wait.  And that’s exactly what I said when I made my post about this a few days ago.  The show had not aired. 

Yes, the episode was leaked.  And I am not even suggesting someone who noticed that and was able to watch it, not watch it.  I’m saying the premature release is a problem…don’t make the matters worse by promoting the problem.  When you do, you become part of the problem.

nuff said?  yeah. nuff said ‘cause I’m getting mad again just thinking about it.  Time for me to make positive posts!  Onward and upward, aye!

~Eaddy Mays